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Active wheelchair for sports: changing the outlook on disabilities

Raising adults and children’s awareness of disabilities

Sports wheelchair

Promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities


What is PlayMoovin’?

PlayMoovin’ makes eco-designed wheelchairs made in France, called FreeMoovin’. It is adjustable for both children and adults.


A regrettable fact about people with disabilities

90 % of people with reduced mobility have no access to sports, including about 240,000 children in France, deterred by the high cost of a sports wheelchair (they can cost up to 6,000 €) and the lack of facilities (source: OCIRP). Yet, integrating children with disabilities into a mixed-ability group increases the development of their motor and psychomotor skills, thus contributing to the acquisition of autonomy within our society.

Challenges with our sports wheelchair

Aware of this situation, PlayMoovin’s purpose is to:

  • Design a wheelchair tailored to people with disabilities ;
  • Fight against the isolation of people with reduced mobility ;
  • Make sports accessible for all, and especially for children, in line with the law of 2005 on disabilities ;
  • Encourage inclusion of disabled people in companies, sports clubs and non-profit organisations.

The solution: designing a sports wheelchair

After 8 years of research and 1 year of industrial development, PlayMoovin’ has created a plastic wheelchair which is:

Secure, fun and economical ;

Up to 6 times cheaper than the average sports wheelchair.

It’s an innovation and a revolution in the development of “sports for all”, and above all in raising awareness of disabilities.

The FreeMoovin’ is the perfect multi-sport wheelchair for all nonprofits and clubs wanting to raise awareness and introduce sports in a wheelchair to their members.


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A sports wheelchair

  • 1.

  • 2.

Tough yet lightweight

For the safe practice of contact sports, such as rugby, handball, basketball, tennis… without damaging the playing surfaces (parquet…).


Evolving on and under water according to needs and use (water sports, physiotherapy, access to pools…).
  • 3.

  • 4.

  • 5.


Washable and easily disinfected so it can always be ready to use. Water is evacuated immediately for outdoors use or in a water environment.


Stainless steel inserts allow use on snow, ice, sand, asphalt… Several fittings are available (sliding, inflatable, paddlewheel/impeller). Wheels can be removed for easier storage and transportation.


Choice of colour and option to engrave a brand name on the chair.

Our customers in France and Europe

A word from the PlayMoovin’ team

Founders of PlayMoovin’

Our motto: “Changing the outlook on disabilities: completely innovative, our wheelchair suitable for all helps demystify the wheelchair and raises awareness of disabilities and access to sports for all.”

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